German WW2 Binoculars Jumelle

German WW2 Jumelle 12 x 60 Kriegsmarine Binoculars

Vintage Aircraft Furniture is pleased to present a set of German WW2 12 x 60 German Binoculars. They were manufactured by Zeiss with this set having the unusual marker of 'Jumelles 12 x 60' indicating that they would have been made between 1942 and 1944 in occupied France. On the underside of the binoculars there is the number 271733, all Jumelle anti-aircraft binoculars having the prefix 271 or 272. They are fitted with the variable light shades for use in all day time conditions and have the later war style rain shield.

The 12 x 60 Binoculars were used by German anti-aircraft batteries as part of large range finders and as allied plane spotters and are generally referred to as Flak glass. They were also used by the Kriegsmarine (U Boats) and other areas of German military.

Price £4100

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