F104 Star Fighter Lockheed Ejection Seat

Lockheed USAF Star Fighter F-104 Ejection Seat

Vintage Aircraft Furniture is pleased to bring you a fantastic chance to own a piece of aviation history from the fast lane of the Jet age. This is an upward firing ejection seat from the Mach 2 F104 Star Fighter.

This seat is from the C2 range fitted in the Star Fighter between 1960-1968.

The Star Fighter was designed at the Lockheed's Skunk Works following the Korean war to combat the technological advances that were found in the Russian made MIG 15. The Star Fighter served in the Vietnam War and was purchased by a number of Air Forces around the world.

The seat has been professionally stripped down to the base metal then carefully finished to a chrome effect. High quality leather is standard and is extremely soft and comfortable. The seat is loaded with all its original features. It has both its overhead ejector actuator and seat pan actuator; it even comes with its original ID TAG making it one of a kind.

It is priced at £4,500

For more information please contact chewts@supanet.com.