B17 Flying Fortress Coffee Table

B17 Flying Fortress WW2 Radial Engine Coffee table

This is probably one of the most historically significant aviation pieces that we have ever had the opportunity to transform into a something that can be appreciated in the modern home or office.

This B17 Flying Fortress Engine is from the Boeing B-17G 44-6504 that flew with the famous 303rd Bomber Group in WW2.

As well as having an impressive war time mission history the unique manner in which the crew were saved makes it one of a kind.

B17 Flying Fortress G 44-6504 was returning from an abortive bombing run in Germany in December 1944 when it crashed in the Cheviots Hills in Northumberland. Crew members who were trapped on the hill side in atrocious conditions and were only saved by the actions of a local shepherd and his Border collie sheep dog 'Sheila'.

For saving the crew members the Border collie received the Dicken Medal, the canine equivalent of Britain's Victoria Cross, and the only civilian dog to receive the award during the war.

The Dicken Medal has been awarded a total of 67 times since 1943 and was last awarded in 2016 to Lucca a German shepherd serving with the US Marine Corps.

In 1995 the majority of the crash site was removed from the hillside by the RAF with the Cyclone engines finding a new home in Bambury Castle UK.

The engine is in its recovered state as can be seen from the picture taken of it in situ in the Cheviot Hills.

We have kept the engine in its original state and will finish it to the customer's specifications. Options range from simply giving it a light clean and adding a glass table top through to a deep clean and adding a bespoke finish (chrome/black) to return it to its former glory. Please contact the sales team to discuss options. We have more information on this amazing piece of history.

Price £12,000

For more information please contact chewts@supanet.com.