Russian Mig 21 Ejection Seat

Russian Mig 21 Ejection Seat Office Chair

The Mig 21 is a Soviet Union designed supersonic Jet fighter. It has an extensive combat history operating in a number of combat theatres including the Vietnam War.

This ejection seat is one of the greatest illustrations of cold ward technology. The high quality durable Russian engineering typical of Russian Aviation is a beauty to behold. A nice feature with the Mig Ejection Seat is that each seat has the aircraft serial number for the aircraft it was installed for stamped on it. In the case of this Ejection Seat it was built in Russia in June 1973 and was fitted to the single seat MiG-21MF, 7702 which eventually flew with the Czech Air Force. The seat comes with a photograph of the actual plane from where the seat originated.

The Ejection Seat has been professionally stripped down to the base metal and then carefully finished to a chrome effect. Top quality leather is standard for the upholstery. The Ejection Seat is mounted on a purpose built base specifically designed for it. With its unique reference number this really is one of a kind.

Price: £4,500

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