F16 Pop Art Wham

F16 'Wham' Aviation Pop art

Vintage Aircraft Furniture is pleased to present a genuine piece of modern art painted onto a piece of F16 Fuselage. The F16 is a multi-role fighter made by Lockheed Martin Aeronautics and has served in almost every conflict zone in the world since its maiden flight in 1974.

This unique piece of aircraft fuselage has a beautiful aerodynamic shape. It can either be free standing or wall mounted (fixing screws are supplied).

The art itself is finished in the iconic 'Pop art' style. It has been hand painted making it a stunning one of a kind piece of art.

LED lighting can be added to the rear as an optional extra if required.

Height62 cm
Length82 cm
Width6 cm

Price: £750

For more information and pricing please contact chewts@supanet.com.